Thursday, 6 July 2017

Winter 2017

The Flying Wok chaps set off for another adventure, this time staying at Two Island Point, French Pass. The road and the launching & retrieving of boats was a bit hairy.
Launching boat
Retrieving boat
The fishing was uninteresting with mostly Blue Cod (and some large Barracouta) until we found a patch of Tarakihi. When we finished catching these, we had about 50 of them. George and his spear gave us some Blue Moki and Butterfish.

Tarakihi by the bucket and the fishcase.
We returned to the bach to see the sun setting at the Beef Barrels and for another delicious meal.

Saturday, 27 May 2017


Denis Creed

Denis became unwell and no longer can come on Flying Wok trips. He will be remembered for his smile and cheerfulness as well as his sous chef duties under Brian plus participation in eating, drinking and card playing. 
Also for introducing golf ball driving to trips plus his exploits of feeding chili to wekas - not knowing that birds cannot taste hot chili, and his attempts to discourage "corky" shags from the fishing. 

Denis Creed

Cooking at the wok

Driving the boat

Denis practiced as a solicitor and trade marked the Flying Wok logo (above) to protect it for us. A number of Flying Wok garments and other items have been made and sold to members over the years; all these have had the Flying Wok logo embroidered on them. 

The Sous Chef
Chips on the wok
Seaside eating
At the table with Tom
In the kitchen with Brian

Banquet at Peter's place

Fish Pie!
Who needs friends when you have these?
Drinks break
Golfing break

French Pass
Waitata Bay


This is the end!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Away again!

November 2016

The Flying Wokkers set out on Saturday 26th November for another fishing & socialising trip.  We left Nelson at 10am and lunched (as usual) at The Brick Oven in Rai Valley. Travelled to Anaru (French Pass) with 2 boats, 3 vehicles & 8 persons. 

Current Basin

Anaru. French Pass village.

George swimming for our food - Moki & Butterfish.

Plus some crayfish

Filleting fish
Fish for tea
Looks pretty good for an entree!

To the Pass

Through the Pass.

The Marborough Sounds area is closed for Blue Cod fishing so we tried to avoid catching them, and tried to catch other species. With the exception of George and his spear, the takings were meager but we caught a wide selection of  species - Snapper, Tarakihi, Moki, Butterfish, Blue Cod (though the Pass, out of the "Sounds" area. Also Barracouta, Spiny Dogfish (very plentiful - the prime catch on setline), Carpet Sharks, and Octopi. 

Dividing the spoils of the trip on Tuesday afternoon.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Get-together 2016

Our hosts.

A little food.

This is the way it's done!

I don't believe it!

Girls can do anything!

International flavour from Japan.


Maybe today.

How long is a piece of string?

I don't believe you!

Dish washing time!

On a Sunday?

Where's all the Chardonay?


Boys play with dolls too!.

Smile! You're on Candid Camera.

But it really is nice, Carol.