Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Some Changes!

The Wokkers gathered again in November 2018 for another adventure. This time we stayed in French Pass at Webber's Anaru Farm.

Anaru Farm Homestead
 Tom brought his new boat, named "Doris" by the family (he says)
"Doris" in Mill Arm, Greville Harbour.

The food has always been good. The beer has improved now that Lion Red is not purchaced. It began when George demanded Corona and got better with the addition of other beers. The company has been rather questionable but the Flying Wok Dive Charters will probably remain a men-only event. 

Peter complained that the standard of wines did not match that of the food or even the beers and so he has been appointed the sommelier and will be in charge of wine selection for further trips. Apparently wines will cost more than $10 per bottle from now on.

Someone persisted in using a setline. The catch was the usual spiny dogfish. Perhaps the longline will be left at home. However, a large Gurnard took the bait on someone's rod!
Peter caught a thresher shark, Good for tangling lines and making lots of splashing when about to be landed. Released for fun another day!

On our last evening we had the company of Lyn Boulton. We dined on such delicacies as Pad Thai Crayfish and Paua & Kohl Rabi fritters. 

Three fishing trips plus a Nelson luncheon have recently been proposed. Watch this space.

Something New!

The Wokkers all have plenty of hats and other articles with the Flying Wok logo. Although the trade mark has now expired, the crew now have Flying Wok bags, in time for the cessation of plastic bag use by the supermarkets. These very useful bags are now available for purchase from Tom W.

Here is what they look like:

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Flying Wok flies again!

The Wokkers once again travelled to Morley's bach at Camp Bay, French Pass for another stay from June Saturday 23rd to Tuesday 26th 2018) As usual we stopped at The Brick Oven in Rai Valley for a bite to eat then headed through the cloud/fog to our stay in two vehicles towing runabouts.
The Brick Oven, Rai Valley

Three intrepid souls travelled by Pat Heaphy's boat from Nelson Haven.

This time we were accompanied by (geriatric) divers whose ambition was to locate the wreck of the "Lyttleton". They eventually found the wreck from 1886 (130 years ago).
from New Zealand Shipwrecks 1795-1960
(WN Ingram & PO Wheatley)

We emerged from the cloud to see Current Basin before proceeding to our stay. 
Current Basin.
Of course we ate well. A fish head pie and a hedgehog. And the wok was in evidence again. 

Fish head pie


Wok in action
On the Sunday the fishermen travelled through French Pass to the Rangitoto Islands. Lovely tarakihi were caught. 

French Pass Lighthouse
The divers stayed in Current Basin to find the "Lyttleton" and crayfish for our dinner. 

Crayfish for dinner
The usual food, card games and drinks in the evening. 

Monday was wet - VERY wet so we did not venture too far from home. Fished about the Beef Barrels but the swell was uncomfortable so we came back into current Basin. It stopped raining in Tuesday but the wind was up and we had to leave early so once again was had a brief fish in Current Basin before heading to French Pass settlement to retrieve the boats and motor back to Nelson. 

Dumping the rubbish at the rubbish tip.
Ronga Valley rubbish tip.