Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Away again!

November 2016

The Flying Wokkers set out on Saturday 26th November for another fishing & socialising trip.  We left Nelson at 10am and lunched (as usual) at The Brick Oven in Rai Valley. Travelled to Anaru (French Pass) with 2 boats, 3 vehicles & 8 persons. 

Current Basin

Anaru. French Pass village.

George swimming for our food - Moki & Butterfish.

Plus some crayfish

Filleting fish
Fish for tea
Looks pretty good for an entree!

To the Pass

Through the Pass.

The Marborough Sounds area is closed for Blue Cod fishing so we tried to avoid catching them, and tried to catch other species. With the exception of George and his spear, the takings were meager but we caught a wide selection of  species - Snapper, Tarakihi, Moki, Butterfish, Blue Cod (though the Pass, out of the "Sounds" area. Also Barracouta, Spiny Dogfish (very plentiful - the prime catch on setline), Carpet Sharks, and Octopi. 

Dividing the spoils of the trip on Tuesday afternoon.