Tuesday, 1 April 2014


At Waitata Bay there were once three little (?) pigs. 2 Kune-kune pigs and a Captain Cooker. 
The Captain Cooker got a little stroppy and ended up in Micheal's freezer. One of the Kune-kune pigs became sick and eventually died in March 2014.
The pigs were described as being the most photographed pigs in the world. They would greet the mail boat at the jetty each week and would take dog biscuits from the hand of the numerous tourists who came on the boat. 
The Kune-kune pigs were always hungry and would eat every bit of food offered to them (except limes). Leaving the door of the lodge open would result in anything edible (like a bag of spuds) being eaten.
The remaining pig is now quite old and will be missed when she goes. 
All scraps gratefully received

Waiting at the jetty.
Once there were two Kune-kune pigs.

Pig snout.