Tuesday, 21 November 2017

November 2017

The author  missed the November 2017 trip and has only a few facts and photos to publish. The following events are the known facts:

  • The trip was held in November 2017
  • The venue was again French Pass
  • Fishing was performed about the Rangitoto Islands and elsewhere
  • The weather was not the best
  • The team has had better fishing days
  • A set line was once again deployed and caught the usual catch - spiny dogfish
  • George came along to provide some speared fish by diving
  • George brought a pig's head and trotters 
  • Brian made some brawn from the pork
  • Peter#2 came along as a new wokker to sample the fare

Peter can catch fish

Brawn - Step #1
Some more information is at hand: 
  • The jetty below the bach has been destroyed in a storm one week after the trip

  • The party had the use of Pat Heaphy's boat for the trip. I do not have a picture of this boat, but here is a picture of the late John Brown's "Serendipity", used by the Wokkers when there were still divers in the group (apologies to George Dobson) many years ago.

Some more pics:

In Memorium.
The wokkers wish to acknowledge the death of  
Andrew Leachman, 
a respected member of the Flying Wok crew who will be fondly remembered  by them all. 

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